Angolans protest against alleged state corruption [Video]



1. Wide shot start of the march towards the presidential palace2. Close-up a young woman with a megaphone shouts: "João Lourenço get lost, MPLA, get lost!"3. Extreme wide shot demonstrators sit down claiming their stolen money "we're going to wait for our money sit down" 4. Wide shot demonstrators in the streets of Luanda

5. SOUNDBITE 1 - Geraldo Dala, one of the organisers of the event (male, 28 years old, Portuguese, 19 sec): "We are here, once again, to demonstrate against another thief in our country, we can't accept this injustice, we didn't study to be joked around with like this! We are here, the police are blocking our way and we need to reach the presidential palace to finally show our unhappiness."

6. Cutaway: Wide shot police barrier

7. Mid shot demonstrators sing and hold a banner8. Wide shot the first police barrier9. Mid shot demonstrators sing 10. Close-up a demonstrator with a megaphone11. Mid shot police officers deployed to block the road to the demonstrators

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Angolans protest against alleged state corruption


Luanda, Oct 3, 2020 (AFP) - Dozens of Angolans marched on Saturday against alleged state corruption after Portuguese media accused the president's chief of staff of embezzlement, damaging the credibility of an ongoing anti-graft campaign against the former regime.Private Portuguese broadcaster TVI 24 last month invest....

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