Considering Alternative Energy Sources For

Hydrogen or battery technologies? Strict regulations force shipowners to consider alternative energy sources

There are more than 60,000 ships in the world, which engines emit almost 2.5% of the world's greenhouse gases. The automotive industry has made rapid progress towards electrification and there is more and more talk of hydrogen solutions for trains, at the same time the transition to non-fossil fuels has been slower in the shipping industry.

Energy for moving ships can originate from a wide variety of sources. Ships have been sailing powered by wind for millenniums. In the last few hundred years fossil fuels have done this job much more efficiently. Unfortunately, the time of fossil fuels is coming to an end due to the environmental requirements resulting from climate change which makes shipowners face serious choices.

So, which energy sources to use? There are many different technologies, but the ones used widely in shipping can be counted on one hand. The most promising solutions are those based on hydrogen, hybrid and battery modules.

Supercapacitors and battery modulesWe are already seeing a relatively large number of hybrid solutions in shipping, as this requires the least investment from shipowners. It is possible to use more environmentally friendly fuels and to add battery modules to the ship which enable sailing to or from the port without starting the diesel engines.

Ports around the world are already investing in solutions that can charge power supplies at berths.....

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