FS Project Dreamboat - Classic Mako Resto, Shipoke Resurrection

Tylers 32 Seacraft project receives a final splash of color; FS Boating Editor Dave East heads out with Royce Brooker, to discuss the build of his 15 Hobie Skiff, customized for fishability and functionality; the crew at MCU brings back a classic 22 Mako to its former glory; and…Brian meets with Jason Baumiller, who is looking to restore a run-down flats boat on a fixed budget.

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Jason Baumiller gets to scrubbin’ on his newly found Shipoke flats boat, hoping to see the shine hidden underneath.
Jason Baumiller takes on an overwhelming task with this Shipoke flats boat resurrection; clearing the foliage just to remove the boat to bring it home.
Dave Singer, Plastics Expert and Master Technician at MCU, creates some custom hatches for a classic Mako that is receiving the full MCU overhaul.
This 15′ Hobie Power Skiff has no lack of speed, agility, and versatility.
Royce Brooker shows FS Boating Editor Dave East his one-of-a-kind Hobie Power Skiff, built for fishability and functionality.
Mike, Master Painter at MCU, paints his way into the night, adding the final splash of color to Tyler Gorman’s fully cu....
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