Green Britannia can rule the waves with the right support

The coronavirus has had a major impact on a range of industries, including shipping. We have seen factories in parts of the world slow down and supply chains have been severely impacted. But today, on the UNs World Maritime Day which is focused on sustainable shipping, as we look to reset and recover from the pandemic it is vital that the shipping industry doesnt lose sight of its environmental responsibilities. We must use the opportunity in front of us to lay the foundations for a green recovery, starting right here in the UK.

We know shipping contributes about two per cent of global greenhouse gases, and although there has been huge progress in reducing emissions across the sector more needs to be done.

Innovation is going to be at the heart of tackling climate change. There is a global innovation race with countries competing to develop and deliver green tech to the worlds shipping fleet. As a proud maritime nation with expertise across the country, I believe the UK should be leading the way in developing the technologies of tomorrow.

Source: UK Chamber of Shipping

We have centres of excellence with some of the greatest minds in the world. Places like the High Value Manufacturing Catapult in Sheffield and the Energy Systems Catapult in Birmingham, as well as Universities like Strathclyde which is co-leading a new national centre for maritime innovation and technology. Maritime Research and Innovation, or MaRI-UK, recently announced the first recipients of funding to develop c....

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