Impact of Covid-19 on Chemical Tankers Market – Global Industry Report, 2026 – The Market Correspond

Chemical Tankers Market: Introduction

Chemical tankers are cargo ships designed and used to carry liquid chemicals in bulk. Chemical tankers primarily carry industrial chemicals and clean petroleum products. These include palm oil, vegetable oils, tallow, caustic soda, and methanol. Chemicals tankers comprise different types of cargo tanks. Some of these cargo tanks have a specialized coating applied on them such as zinc paint, while others are made from stainless steel. The type of cargo that is carried by chemical tankers depends on the material of cargo tank. Chemical tankers transport hazard materials of different categories such as major hazards, minor hazards, and harmless hazards.

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Chemical Tankers Market: Segmentation

Based on fleet type, the chemical tankers market can be divided into IMO (international maritime organization) type-I chemical tankers, IMO type-II chemical tankers, and IMO type-III chemical tankers. Type-I chemical tankers carry products that are dangerous in nature and require maximum preventive measures. Type-II chemical tankers transport products that require significant preventive measures. Type-III chemical tankers carry products which require a moderate degree of containment. Based on fleet size, the chemical tankers market can be segmented into inland chemical tankers, coastal chemical tankers, and deep-sea chemical tankers. Based on fleet ma....

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