Nexans Aurora Fitted With Cable Lay Equipment

Norwegian offshore shipbuilder Ulstein, constructing the Nexans Aurora cable layer for Nexans, has this week said that the installation of Maats cable laying equipment on the vessel has begun.

Per Ulstein, Maats’ & Marine Fabricators’ installation team arrived on site on October 14, to begin the installation, which kicked off with the two lay wheels being fitted at the stern. 

The wheels, in combination with fairings, assist in guiding the cable in a controlled manner as it enters and exits the vessel.

"Following the lay wheels, final installation work is now being completed on the Maats Tensioners and 75t SWL Capstan," Ulstein said.

The vessel has a concentric, split basket 10,000Te carousel, dual cable lay capabilities, utilization of separate Capstan or Tensioner firing lines, and will be capable of operating in harsh environments

At 149.9 meters long, with + a beam of 31 meters, and a deadweight of 17,000t, the 'Nexans Aurora' is one of the largest vessels being constructed in Ulstein's history.

The Nexans Aurora's first assig....

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