REVEALED: Find out poll results for Rockys biggest issues

WITH the 2020 Queensland Election campaign in full swing, The Morning Bulletin can reveal what our readers regard as the priority issues for the Rockhampton electorate.

After crowd sourcing suggestions and referring to previous state election campaigns and debates, a list of 30 issues was developed for our poll, which went on to receive hundreds of votes.

Tackling crime was the clear priority for readers with 14 per cent of people voting for reducing youth crime with another eight per cent voting for law and order including harsher penalties for repeat offending.

Given the shocking youth crime statistics recently revealed by The Morning Bulletin, Rockhamptons election candidates have offered their approaches towards addressing the problem during the recent online debate.

DEBATE ISSUES: Rockhampton's aspiring election candidates have responded to questions about the region's significant issues.

As we begin the arduous process of recovering economically from the coronavirus pandemic, the issue of job creation was the second highest polling issue with 12 per cent of votes.

A number of strategies to shorten the Centrelink queues have been proposed by Rockhamptons candidates.

We live in coal country and there was strong support (eight per cent) to see locally sourced coal fed into a newly constructed HELE coal-fired power station.

The drought biting Queensland hard in recent years and the desire to expand the agricultural sector has driven the strong support (8 eight per cent) for ....

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