Update: Nabarima photos fake, situation still critical, says FFOS

Update October 19, 2020 4:54 pm:

Photos which appeared to show that oil storage vessel, the FSO Nabarima, had recently been stabilised are false, says conservation group Fishermen and Friends of the Sea. 

The group shared an update comparing the photos to footage shared from reconnaissance the group undertook on October 16:

(Photo via the FFOS)

'Upon further inspection of the pictures sent to us which we released earlier today and based on information obtained from independent experts who we have been in constant contact with, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) retract the statement issued to the press and onto our social media earlier today 19th October, 2020, which intimated that the FSO Nabarima was temporarily stabilized and that the water was pumped out. However, we still maintain that the FSO Nabarima is being used as leverage by the Maduro Regime to ease current US Sanctions.'

'In the photographs taken by ourselves on the 16th of October there is a huge rust spot on the port side of the vessels hull , which is not evident on the pictures sent to us by our Venezuelan contact (see enclosed).'

'Secondly, our expert has informed us, the picture sent today shows a hull that is in a well maintained state, whilst the pictures obtained by FFOS show a hull which is not.'

'Thirdly, it is inconceivable that the FSO Nabarima was pumped out in only 2-3 days.  In todays photos, there is no evidence of water being pumped overboard which should have been very visible. Our expert contact....

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