Who owns the Post Office?

Millions of people across the UK missed their post due to pandemic-caused delays over the festive period for a second consecutive year, charity Citizens Advice have announced.

The postal Royal Mail delays have seen 15 million people miss crucial documents including bills, health appointments and fines.

According to the BBC, Royal Mail have said that the majority of post was delivered on time and around 15,000 of their staff had to take time off due to the surge of Omicron cases and sickness at the time between Christmas and January.

The Post Office is a retail post office company in the UK with several branches that was founded in 1986.

Is the UK Post Office owned by the government?

Yes, the Post Office is a limited company owned wholly by the government in the UK.

The Post Office's parent organisation is the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, whilst the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy, and UK Government Investments hold government responsibility for postal affairs which oversees the Post Office.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Post Office is Nick Read, who is also the CEO of Vodafone Global.

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Is the Post Office privately owned?

No, despite being owned by the government, the Post Office still operates with its own independent board, making it a separate and unique business.

The Post Office Board holds responsibility over the operations of the Post Office. This means that the Board can freely focus on growin....

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